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About Us

We believe we can all make a difference.

Inpiring and motivating store -Haut Hisse

Who are we?

Haut Hisse was created by a young couple who, after having lived through difficult times, failures and disappointments, realized that the best way to get out when everything is bad is to work on yourself, to surround yourself with positive energy, to take care of your mental and physical health, but above all to seek inspiration and motivation around you, through words, books, inspiring stories and the lived experiences of others.

Why do we exist? Our goal and mission

Thus was born Haut Hisse! A motivation concept that aims to inspire people and motivate them to become better, to succeed in what they do and to take control of their lives.

Our mission is to encourage and support you in this transformation.

We exist to be that inspiration, positive energy and motivation that drives you to take action, unlock your full potential and believe in yourself, through our content, products and designs.

Our values

We strongly believe in everyone’s potential!

Anyone with the willpower can make their dreams come true.

We all have this glimmer of hope and optimism deep inside us, this desire to believe in it … Sometimes we just need a little encouragement.

Our failures are our greatest source of learning and a chance to do our best next time.

Work, discipline and perseverance are the secret to success.

Remember, the right mindset is cultivated, nourished and preserved! You won’t be more motivated overnight, and you won’t always be optimistic. It is a continuous work on your state of mind, it is new habits to acquire and a gradual change of life to be made on a daily basis in order to become the best version of you.

Support Haut Hisse and become the person who inspires your community

Meet Our Creative Team

Amanda Lee

Creative Head

Lee Stoner

Graphic Designer

Monica Gala

Graphic Designer

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